The "Gaps"

Startups & Smaller Cap Companies

  •  Budget conscious
    • Too expensive to burn loaded labor cost on product, business development or strategy separately
  • —Require help with
    • Positioning, go-to-market, product-market fit and business development/sales strategy
    • —Ideally with a single impactful but cost-effective cross-functional head

Midsize & Larger Cap Companies

  •  Multiple product lines with complex market/customer base
    • —Dilutes individual product ROI and complicates sales
  • —Require help with
    • —Clear positioning and product strategy for sales channel
    • —Removing disconnect between goals, roadmap and execution
    • —Ideally with an unbiased independent ROI oriented strategy

The "Bridges"

Product & Market Strategy

  • Product-Market Fit
    • —Analyze market segments/verticals and TAM/SAM opportunities
    • —Identify “Compelling Value Proposition” within the market verticals tied to generating results—
  • —Customer Development
    • —Assist in development of customer pitch decks
    • —Glean useful feedback from customer, and correlate with existing or new product strategy
    • —Focus on results

Business Development & Sales

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
    • —Enable new market entry with appropriate positioning and messaging
    • —Create or Assist with pricing, packaging and sales strategy
    • —Create or Assist with PR strategy
  • —Global Channel Development
    • —Assist with set up of sales rep/channel in US, China, Korea, Taiwan
    • —Set up ODM channel for hardware development
    • —Set up outsourcing options for hardware and software development

Tying-it-Back: Product & Roadmap

  • —Product Fine-Tuning —
    • Cost-effective strategies to fine-tune existing product to meet customer demands 
    • —Fine tuning positioning to create compelling value proposition 
  • —Product Roadmap & Strategy
    • Utilize customer feedback to update product strategy —
    • Help develop a product roadmap with a focus on pre-generating customer interest/demand —
  • Assist with Product Strategy and Roadmap “pivots”  

Services Offered

  • Fractional VP of Product Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, ODM Channel & Sales/Channel Development
  • —Cost-effective, result-oriented approach with flexible models for engagement
  • —Assist with investment decks and introductions (for startups)
  • —Assist with execution focused organizational design and structure

Market / Focus Areas

Market Segments

  • IoT Hardware and Software
  • Display (LED/LCD Videowall, TV)
  • Automotive
  • Energy & Power
  • Datacenter
  • Healthcare


  • Access to Customer and sales rep channel  in Korea, China and US
  • Direct and in-direct channels into customers for the specified market segments